ESG Risk and Opportunity Assessment

Make your ESG Risk and Opportunities Identification simple and cost-effective so that you can focus on crucial business functions.

ESG Risk and Opportunity Assessment

Risk and opportunity identification is a crucial process in business and strategic planning. It involves systematically analyzing internal and external factors that could affect an organization’s objectives, performance, and outcomes.

By identifying both potential risks and opportunities, businesses can develop strategies to mitigate negative impacts and capitalize on positive developments.

ESG Risk And Opportunity Assessment

Climate Risk Assessment

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

ESG Due-diligence

ESG Risk and opportunity identification

Assessing relevant factors that are crucial for Industry and businesses.

We identify all the risk associated with the climate, environment, supply chain of the company and the potential financial risk associated with the investments.

We perform in depth analysis of potential risks associated in relation to ESG factors such as transition risk, and social risk related to supply chain and labor disputes.

We perform potential business opportunity assessments related to ESG factors such as benefits associated with using renewable sources of energy.

Climate Risk Assessment

Climate risk assessment is a systematic process that helps organizations understand, quantify, and prepare for the potential impacts of climate change on various aspects of business, from financial stability to environmental sustainability.

The task involves identifying various climate-related risks, including physical risks (e.g., extreme weather events, sea-level rise), transitional risks (e.g., policy changes, technological advancements), and liability risks (e.g., legal and financial consequences of climate-related actions).

Next steps include collection and analysis of climate data, historical weather patterns and future projections to assess the severity and likelihood of different climate risks.

Followed by vulnerability assessment and scenario analysis, the Climate Risk assessment helps businesses quantify potential impacts and develop mitigation / adaptation strategies thereby enhancing resilience in a changing climate.

SustainoMetric helps clients set-up working models for climate risk assessments while gathering climate data from various sources to enhance preparedness.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Supply chain impacts are much more profound than the company’s own impacts. In many cases, it is estimated that supply chain ESG risks are more than 2/3 of companies’ own ESG risks. Therefore, supply chains have gained much more importance when it comes to companies’ sustainability.

A typical supply chain risk assessment will involve risk identification, assessment, and mitigation. The first step of risk identification involves identifying suppliers, their locations, and volumes.

Based on this profiling, each high impact supplier can be given a risk rating based on its location, nature of supplies/industry, and maturity of suppliers’ processes.

Sustainometric helps companies create suppliers’ profile and identify the most critical ones. Our analysts then give a risk rating to each supplier based on their location and industry.  

We often help our clients develop suppliers due-diligence questionnaires and define criteria for continuous monitoring of suppliers. 

ESG Due-diligence

Due diligence is a comprehensive and systematic process of investigation, research, and analysis that is undertaken before making a decision or entering into a business transaction.

It involves gathering relevant information and evaluating various aspects of a subject in order to make well-informed decisions and mitigate risks.

Due diligence is commonly conducted in various contexts, including business acquisitions, investments, partnerships, legal agreements, and more.

The term “due diligence” implies the diligence and care exercised by individuals or organizations to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the situation before proceeding.

  1. Due Diligence for Loans involves assessment of borrowers in regard to ESG factors and helping lending institutions making informed decisions.
  2. ESG M&A Due Diligence involves assessing the target companies on ESG related risk and opportunities.

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