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We advocate sustainability investing and integrate sustainable behaviour in our organisation in many ways. Sustainability is an integral part of what we do, how we do and what impact we create. Details of our sustainability policy can be found here.

What we do?

Our business model facilitates the integration of sustainability into investment decisions/new products of our clients. We do this by providing high-quality ESG research.

Our offerings help our clients deal with the challenges of sustainability research such as the cyclical nature of ESG research, high volumes, and increasing cost pressure.

How do we do? 

We chose the city of Varanasi, a small town in the North of India, for our operations. It has a positive impact in many ways:

  1. The center provides career opportunities for young professionals in the sustainable investment research field in their hometown. This reduces the migration of individuals to the overcrowded and already straining metropolitan cities in India.
  1. Many individuals have a desire to do something more than their jobs and to create an impact on the society and environment. We create an interest among such individuals to make a career in this field. It not only creates a steady talent pool for the industry but also helps attract employees from diverse industries bringing in diverse work experience. Many applicants are interested to join our company as they are intrigued by the idea of sustainability and want to learn more about it.
  1. With an increased understanding of threats that our planet is facing, we believe a well-informed individual is more to take self-initiatives to protect the environment and planet. We encourage all our employees to act in responsible ways and also motivate their family & friends to do the same.
  1. We are on a journey of redefining employment conditions in Indian companies. Our office times are flexible, employees are encouraged to work from home, and adopt healthy living and working habits.

What impact do we create?

We are proud of having created:

  1. Job opportunities and better employment conditions in developing country India;
  2. The talent pool for the sustainability industry;
  3. Awareness in general public, about sustainable investments and sustainability in general, in India where it is still unheard.

Besides, our company also endorses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a more direct way of creating a positive impact on society:

Lack of education is one of the main reasons behind the widening gap between rich and poor in India. It is a vicious cycle and breaking this cycle is our vision. We believe education is an answer to many of the problems India is facing today. Therefore, our CSR goal is to provide educational support to children from underprivileged segments of society.

We do not plan to wait for us to grow into a big company to start our efforts in this direction but have rather started taking baby steps and doing small contributions already.

We visited a philanthropic organisation, Surabhi Shodh Sansthan in Varanasi in August 2019. The organisation is more than 15 years old and runs a residential hostel for 150 girls from underprivileged families from the Eastern states of India, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Nagaland etc. We organised a volunteer day at the campus to meet the girls, motivate them to complete their education and how to deal with various exploitations they could be facing including, gender discrimination, physical abuse, and early marriage. We concluded the day with lovely songs that they sung for us and delightful snacks.

With this organisation, we are also trying to promote better female hygiene and the importance of using sanitary napkins. Sanitary napkins are expensive as compared to the old methods and hence, we donated the hostel one year of sanitary napkins supply.

We will continue to invest time and money in this direction. Our clients feel proud of being associated with us as they become a part of the real impacts, that we create.