ESG Benchmarking & Screening

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ESG Benchmarking & Screening

Sustainometric provides ESG Benchmarking, ESG Screening, and ESG scoring & rating services to ESG Rating agencies, ESG Index providers, and other related companies.

We have experienced ESG analysts assisting some of the world’s leading agencies.

ESG Benchmarking

ESG Screening

ESG Benchmarking

Company Benchmarking

Best In Class Rating

Performance Monitoring

Company benchmarking is a process of comparing and measuring a company’s performance, practices, and metrics against those of its peers or industry standards.

The goal of benchmarking is to gain insights into how a company is performing relative to its competitors or industry best practices.

This type of peer analysis helps companies identify areas of improvement, set goals, and make informed decisions to enhance their performance and competitiveness.

ESG Screening

Exclusion Screening

Controversy Monitoring

In the broadest sense, exclusionary screening removes companies and/or sectors from an investment portfolio that contradict a client’s social or moral values.

Exclusions typically involve the makers of controversial weapons such as cluster bombs or nuclear warheads and those making indisputably harmful products such as tobacco and firearms, along with companies engaged in human rights abuses such as child labor.

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Research Numbers

Analyzing the majority of valuable companies around the globe across robust indicators to help some of the most valuable Investment firms in the markets.






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