ESG Materiality & Impact Assessment

Get the metrics prepared by ESG experts to understand Materiality Risk and Impact factors for your strategic decision making.

ESG Materiality & Impact Assessment

Our ESG experts can perform Materiality and Impact assessments to help understand ESG material risk crucial for the long-term sustainability of the companies.

ESG Materiality Analysis

Impact Analysis

ESG Materiality Analysis

Materiality analysis, also known as materiality assessment or materiality determination, is a process used by organizations to identify and prioritize the most significant sustainability, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues that are relevant for companies’ operations and stakeholders operations and stakeholders.

The goal of materiality analysis is to focus resources and efforts on addressing the issues that have the most impact on a company’s long-term value creation and its relationship with its stakeholders.

Impact Analysis

Impact analysis involves the tangible effect of a company’s operations on the environment it operates. It measures the positive or negative effect the companies have on ESG-related factors.

SustainoMetric helps in performing matrices based evaluation of companies that helps investors and stakeholder’s in making investment decision.

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Analyzing the majority of valuable companies around the globe across robust indicators to help some of the most valuable Investment firms in the markets.






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