Client Profile

Business Overview: The client is a UK based asset management division of a leading Australian financial services company. Through this engagement, the client wanted to supplement its fundamental analysis with ESG analysis of stocks under coverage.

Scope of Engagement

  • Analysing portfolio companies across 10 sectors on environmental, social and governance parameters
  • Updating the client’s existing methodology with most relevant ESG indicators for each sector
  • Setting-up an excel template to extract data on pre-defined indicators from external ESG database and developing a scoring scheme to rate companies on these indicators
  • Preparing a brief summary of companies’ sustainability performance and key highlights from Y-o-Y comparison for ‘Top 5’ companies
  • Geographical scope: Global.

Business impact

  • Access to trained associates with prior experience in sustainability research.
  • The client’s stock portfolio now integrates ESG analysis along with traditional fundamental analysis.
  • Helps the client make better-informed decisions thus ensuring higher long term returns and lower portfolio risk